Mar 5, 2010

Unhappy Moms, Vent here!

So, I've gotten more hits for unhappy moms. Some of you were brave enough to comment on the blog. I have to say, that I got many emails (from friends and strangers) and quite a few phone calls thanking me for the original post. But those few brave souls who commented on the blog (where everyone can see and judge) -- I'm proud of you.'s my new thing. My kids have been driving me NUTS lately. Don't get me wrong...I love my kids, but sometimes -- I tell you, I get so frustrated, so annoyed that I just want to stand here and scream. Last week -- I literally told my husband that I needed a "time out". I went to get groceries. I was gone for an hour and a half -- with a good 45 minutes of that spent just sitting in my car holding back tears of frustration.

So -- These are a few of the things that my kids have done to right tick me off this week.

* toddler has a fascination with dumping. God forbid I should leave a water bottle or coffee cup within his reach, becuase it will be dumped on the table, into the sugar bowl, or on the floor.
* Daughter is a slob. I have tried teaching her to clean. I have tried breaking things down for her so she can clean one bit at a time. Nothing works. Her room ... it literally makes me shudder. I have given up.
* Middle son - You would hardly know that this child is alive - he's always got his face in that damn Nintendo...he's also developed a potty mouth...boy, am I proud.
* Toddler has a thing with dumping toys from their bins. THis isn't so much a problem, except that he dumps EVERY toy from EVERY bin. Makes me want to scream.

Ugh...I'm sure that there are more -- But I'm tired and need to now go and wake my little angels for a new day...


Anonymous said...

Amen, girl!!!!! Here's MY list of child tick-offs:
Slob of a teenaged daughter - I once found an UNOPENED, ONCE-FROZEN lasagna box in her DRAWER when I was simply looking for a writable CD!!! AARGH!!!
DD (16 months old) loves to dump everything as well. Fuuun......
Son (3.5 yrs) is testing me....constantly. I need a vacation.

Kylie's Mom said...

There are days my older 2 drive me completely mental, they're way more trouble than my mischievous toddler. They can't even be in the same room together now. We've had to rearrange our seats at the dinner table so as to keep them as far apart as possible. It's hard not to yell...even my laid-back, awesome husband is stressed over it. I can't wait for this phase to end. I keep telling them, someday you'll be best friends...

Good for you for being real about it. Motherhood is hard, but it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one with trying times :) . Hope today is better for you :) .

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I am having the exact same problems. I should have kept homeschooling because now my 13 yr old has decided to swear! My 18 yr old daughter is a slob and won't change and thinks everything is funny! Nintendo..I would throw it out except one of them they bought themselves and the other was an eid gift (bad choice). Not only do the kids knock down cups but I get in trouble for leaving it there (where should I put my cup everytime? make a special shelf? or maybe always back in the fridge even though I want to drink out of it again soon..arghhh!)Grocery shopping, crying in the car..becoming a ritual.

Hethr said...

Kylie's Mom -- I get the same thing with my oldest -- either best friends or complete middle ground and there are days when I'd rather walk away than referee.

C -- my kids each bout their Nintendos with their own money too. Ugh. However, I am the parent and take them away when they need to be. I'm a mom - not a friend.

Anonymous said...

Heather, only a Stepford Wife wouldn't understand your post. I can hardly be in the same room with my 7 year old son some days. He's obnoxious, messy and has developed a bit of an attitude lately. Oh, and he's also become rather, ahem, unhygienic all of a sudden! I caught him lying to me about brushing his teeth and shampooing his hair! EEEWWWW!

Tina said...

I relate! 5 year old is only happy when playing Mario Wii...and when he is not, he is causing havok with everyone else in the I am limiting him. 3 year old won't do a garsh darned thing! Refuses to pick up his toys, refuses to eat anything I want him to, when I want him to, where I want him to and with a utensil!

I think we have the added stressor of doing childcare. ...and we have to realize how hard that is on our own children too. They share us all day every day...and we are with them all day every day. It does us so good when my boys go to Grandma's (childcare also) gives us a chance to miss eachother.

I just keep holding onto the fact that "this too will pass"...I try not to sweat the small things...although that is VERY HARD most of the time!


Hethr said...

Yes -- being a childcare provider is taxing at the easiest of times. You never really get to be "off" and (in my case anyhow) I view my daycare kids as part of my family anyhow -- they all have their quirks which are cute on good days, but on other days makes you want to jump through the window...

bradsmom06 said...

I hear ya! My son is nearly 15 and he drives me up the friggen WALL some days. Yes, of course I love him, and could never picture my life without him, but same days I just want to slap his back talking-disrespecting-teenage punk mouth!! He is so lazy, won't do his chores even though they are still the same chores he has had for the past 6 or 7 years now, doesn't seem to care a bit about his grades and no matter what I do I can't get through to him.

But boy can he Text/Facebook/XBox.

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to know that I am not alone in feeling defeated or useless. I just wish I could get the life back. I feel such a loss of "me" these days. I guess every storm will end evenutally and a little rain does make the flowers bloom, but this is one long storm!! And to the woman whose 7 yr old son didnt brush his teeth... I can relate! I have to do an underwear check daily:)thanks and good luck to all!

azra sheriff said...

omgggg where do i begin?

DD almost 6 and being homeschooled altho these days i keep questioning that decision cos she wants to go play at a friend's house... ALL THE TIME. also acts more like a 16 yr olds complete with make up obsession, mood swings and chocolate binges.
3.5 yr old boy cant remember to 'ask nicely' and instead goes straight for the 'I WANT IT NOW' tactic. much worse is that DH implies that he is COPYING ME. what???!!!!
2yr old boy was an angel up till now but looks like he is fast turning into his role model of an elder brother. screaming included.
yes i do LOVE them but i would also LOVEEE a break from being an army general. soon!
azra xx

azra sheriff said...

forget to mention that DD is another tech-addict, uses my phone to call/ text random ppl and then switches the phone OFF (so i cant trace it) and HIDES it (so the boys dont 'play' with it, apparently). oh the joys of searching for a damned mobile phone when the mummy to do list is waiting :(

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