Mar 19, 2010

Excuses and The Shred - Day 24

After whining and moaning all day long yesterday about all the pathetic things I could find to complain about (an earache, a migraine, my pulled stomach muscle, my bratty toddler) I ended up not doing any workout at all and it just made me feel worse.

So -- when my alarm woke me up this morning, I hopped out of bed and got right to it. Level two of The Shred and it was not kind to me. I hate, hate, hate that I feel like I'm falling backwards. I don't feel as though I'm getting stronger, I don't feel as though I'm improving -- I just feel like a big old Fail.

But this is me and my freakish drive for perfection. So - logically looking at it, I can see that I'm improving. Today, for the first time, I did both sets of the plank squats - I was never able to do that before. But then, I look at things like the skater jump or the twisty-hop thing she does -- I couldn't make it through...I have since the second or third day, but today, I was huffing and puffing and up. Why?

I need a good kick in the karmic ass...I'm in a rut -- in school, in my homelife, with work -- and with my workouts. Boo. :(


Erin said...

It's just an off day. Having a pulled muscle and fighting with the newly independent 2 year old... Things will get brighter.

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