Mar 4, 2010

The Shred - Day 14

So, I shredded after supper. Can I make "The Shred" become a verb? Shred itself, is a verb...but whatever....

I've come to the conclusion that yes -- this is simply too easy for me now. I must move on to level 2.

However, tonight was fun. I did my work out with my two boys. The older one -- well, he had more fun playing, but the little guy is only 2 and totally took this on. He's laying on the floor doing sit ups. He's doing his crazy-man jumping-jacks. He's grunting and groaning right along with me. He got so hot that he had to strip down....and I mean STRIP!

What a kid!

Anyhow -- I think I'll be attempting Level 2 tomorrow -- one day early....please...please pray!


Tina said...

Good luck Heather! Can not wait to read all about it!

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