Mar 22, 2010

Yoga again

I debated doing the shred today, but my aching back and shoulders from all that raking just wouldn't allow it. Instead, I did yoga. God, I love how Yoga limbers you up. The pain in my back has melted away, and I now feel "good".

I really can't wait until I can do this workout without trembling like a little kitten in front of a bull dog. I know that this isn't necessarily about muscular strength, but more about a state of calmness. Now that I've finished my class with the psycho teacher from hell (who's up for teaching me come the fall it looks like) - I see that I can certainly do these poses much better, still not well - but I also have a 2 year old. Nearly impossible to have mental calmness when there's a two year old around - especially when said 2 year old manages to find a bingo dabber...I have never played bingo other than in elementary...but the child is now the color of a smurf. Blue nose, blue ears, a blue belly button, blue fingers, blue knees, blue thighs and blue toes. No -- calm was a state I was attempting to get to -- not one that I was already in.

Anyhow - I'm going to do my best to get to my Shreds this week -- I've got a pile of assignments that I've successfully put off (which it now sounds like I'm doing for the shred)...hmm...


Erin said...

Mental calmness, that's the key? I'll never do it with shaking. ;)
Did you take any pictures of the little smurf?

Tina said...

Oh I hope you took a good picture of the Smurf!!

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