Mar 13, 2010


Today I did yoga. I have always done yoga as a relaxation of sorts. I enjoyed going to it after an aquacise class, or a spin class, or after training for when I used to do the Weekend to End Breast Cancer walks. It was my down time. I relaxed my mind and my body.

With Jillian's Yoga -- there is no relaxing of the body. Oh, I can still get all zen-like and mellow - but my thighs are far from relaxed...and that dolphin pose (though, that link doesn't really do what's done in the video) does a real number on your core! I love it...I love that I am able to work out, work out hard, and still come out refreshed and relaxed.

You will notice, now, that I'm starting a bit of a new schedule. From now on, I'll be doing 3 days of The Shred, and then 1 day of The Yoga Meltdown. 3 days of Shredding is pretty hard, and I don't want to lose that by "wimping out" so to speak. But I do feel that my muscles need a break from the same movements over and over. Doing the Meltdown will still allow me to work on those muscles, but in a whole new way -- and yet, I get the little mini break from the shred.

As it stands, I'm have completed about 6 days of The Shred level 2. I plan on doing roughly 15 days each (basically, when it gets too easy, I'm moving up...if it will take me more than 15 or less, so be it). Either way, I'm alternating with The Meltdown which I'm currently doing at level 1. I'm really, really enjoying this - and am almost able to do the entire video following the tough woman. Yoga has come very naturally to me, and though this video is a challenge it is also a release. I love having to look forward to this every 4 days!


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