Mar 17, 2010

The Jehovah's Came A-Knocking

I'd like to start this off by stating that I have many friends of many faiths. Christians, Muslims, Hindus...uh...I don't know if I've got a Jewish friend (and if I do and forgot you, I'm sorry) and even a few friends who are Jehovah Witnesses. I love my friends for their friendship and religion, race, or any other factor does not come into play.


There was this lovely Jehovah woman who would come to my block every week and knock on doors and pass out literature. This is great, not my thing, but whatever rocks your boat. We would chat and she would leave and it was all good. Then, she started bringing literature geared towards ME. Stuff about how the teachings of Mohammed are in the Jehovah's book and so on. I told her "Look, I've chosen my faith, please let me be." She seemed fine with that. THEN, she started coming with coloring books for my kids.

Lady - you have just crossed a line.

I, quite obviously, am of a different faith than any of the children that I've ever cared for - and not once, not EVER did I try to convert them. Sure, we talk about faith, as it's a fact of life that they see every day with me - my head scarf (called a hijab), and occasionally they see me pray - but I don't teach them anything. For this lady to come and give MY children (not daycare) books on how Jesus will save their lives -- I was infuriated. And she knew I would be too -- becuase she came up to the the fence and gave it to them while I had gone inside to get some lemonade or something (this happened in the middle of summer).

Anyway -- Suddenly there's this new guy coming around. He seems to hassle my neighbour quite a bit -- one day they were outside talking, and I asked him to tell the woman to not come to my place any more. He agreed. I believe that was August some time.

For 7 months, my door bell and mail box have been free of Jehovah solicitation. Today -- my door bell rang - it was the guy that I'd spoken to in the summer.

"Hello." he says cheerfully.
"Hi." I reply.
"I just wanted to let you know that I remembered when you had asked
me not to come and bring you literature."
"Yes, I did." I replied.
"Okay, I just wanted to let you know that I remembered." and he nods and leaves.

Odd, I thought...and watch him walk down his merry way spreading the word of his faith. Then, I see "Invitation to Discover Jesus" peeking out of my mail box.

And it looks like it's starting all over again.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

lol, oh boy. My grandmother was a Jehovah's witness and always gave me stuff to read. I don't think she did though after my conversion but she did say that hijab is not necessary and at her funeral the minister said while looking at me directly there is no punishment in the grave. Ahem. Over the years lots have come to my house as well as mormons and we've chatted and its all been fine. Your guy thinks he has brownie points so you will give him a chance, lol. You can always hand him a Quran :)

Carolyn Newton said...

Tehehehehe..... glad I wasn't home. Can't wait for the day he comes knocking with Dad answering the door!

Shasharishi said...

i was hurrying to work today having dropped my son at school, i was running late, feeling sick and a pretty lady stopped me in the street and said 'Hi, I come with a personal invitation to ' as she was speaking I looked down at the leaflets she was clutching - a picture of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns. Like you I have friends of all religions, and I was a Christian for 30 years and I never felt it was necessary to accost strangers in the street on purpose to convert them to my religion. The conversations I could have had with that woman - she would have been in tears at the end, not me! I just smiled and said 'no thanks' and moved on.

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