Apr 24, 2009

Yo Gabba What??


I'm not sure how long Yo Gabba Gabba has been on the air. What I do know is that I caught a bit of it a few months back...people, it has haunted me ever since. It is a show where you've got this much too happy guy, aka DJ Lance Rock. He carries around a wonderful boom box that houses his little "friends".

Personally, I think that this show was created while a bunch of someone's were smoking some pretty strong stuff. DJ Lance hops around in his 70's flashback jogging suit. He carries around these "friends", who, if you ask me are a little on the creepy side. Just look at that big red dude...doesn't he remind you of something that you found long ago hidden in your mom's bedside drawer??

The show goes on, with the characters singing songs like "We are the germs that make you sick" or "Try it, and you'll like it"

Creepy. That's the only word that I can describe for this show.

So...could someone please tell me why, in the name of God do the children enjoy it so much??

My Mistakes

So, hubby was out of town for a few days. "Wonderful!" It thought...."A little bit of time on my own, just what I need right now."

That was mistake #1.

It's just two nights that he's gone. I'm thinking maybe a bath, reading in bed, being able to spread out in all the vastness. It means making the coffee to the strength that I like. It means sleeping through the night without having to wake up to snores. It means getting up in the morning and not having to shuffle and stubmle through the darkness while he still sleeps.

Funny....reading back over this makes me sound like I'm complaining about him. I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not. Love the man to bits! All these things that I was looking forward to, I quickly begin to miss if he's gone for too long!

Anyhow. Night number one comes around. Yay...fresh sheets, sleeping children. I plan on relishing the moments. "Why go to bed right now?" I think "Let's open a book."

That, apparently was mistake #2. Because when I finally put the light out and snuggled into bed, Baby wakes up and won't go back to bed. 12:30 rolls around (I have to get up at 5:30, this isn't funny!)...he's finally asleep. "Finally" I think, "now I can at least get 5 hours."

That, was mistake #3. Baby woke up another 4 times that night. And guess who he was calling for?? Let's just say it was the parent who doesn't rhyme with mommy.

The next day rolls around, and I begin to think that I'll get some studying in...or at the very least, start of my homework.

That was mistake #4. Between my own children squabbling, the dayhome girl bored out of her mind and creating something to do, and the dayhome toddler who's going through the "I want ____" and whining stage; I about nearly exploded.

Thought that I'd wait till they went home, and my own went to bed....mistake #5 -- that's when the less-than-three-hours-sleep from the night before caught up with me. I was zonked by 830.

How pathetic.

Apr 1, 2009

School + Motherhood = Unhappy family

Taking care of three kids is a lot. Taking care of a teenager is a lot more (see posts below). Then I have the in-home daycare, with an additional 2 children (and one more next month)...people already think I'm nuts. However, apparently, that wasn't enough for me...no, no, no....I had to go and add school to the rest of it.

In my own defense, I didn't think that the diploma that I am going for was going to be all that hard. Boy, was I wrong! This course is detailed and in-depth! I'm talking about "explain how playing with play dough helps the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children". Yowzers, it's play dough for heaven's sake!

However, already 3 courses into it (with something like a bazillion more to go!), I'm happy to say that not only do I find the work interesting, I'm reveling in the challenge of it (and getting A's while I'm at it!). The rest of my family is not so thrilled.

The laundry is neglected. There is dust on the furniture. There have been many nights of "cereal for supper". And the worst possible thing of all, they actually have to do some things....themselves!!

Oh, the horror!!

"Sort my own laundry?" daughter whines, "but I don't know how!" Well hon, you're 8, I'll help you learn.

Hubby grumbled at the thought of making his own lunch. He actually balked at being told that he'd need to watch baby while I was away at school (I go for 1 Saturday a month). "What if he poops?" I tell him he'll have to deal with it the same way that I do, and secretly feed the baby things that I know are going to stink the next day, like mashed potatoes and gravy! (hey, I've been changing diapers for 8 years.....let me have my fun!)

Middle son is so independent that he was just like "whatever". Why can't they all be like that??

Step son --- well....he's got his own issues. Besides, he won't be happy today when I hand him a stack of assignments the teacher emailed me, then I'm dropping him off at the library...oh no...the Library on Spring Break! I am an evil, evil, step mother!!

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