Apr 24, 2009

My Mistakes

So, hubby was out of town for a few days. "Wonderful!" It thought...."A little bit of time on my own, just what I need right now."

That was mistake #1.

It's just two nights that he's gone. I'm thinking maybe a bath, reading in bed, being able to spread out in all the vastness. It means making the coffee to the strength that I like. It means sleeping through the night without having to wake up to snores. It means getting up in the morning and not having to shuffle and stubmle through the darkness while he still sleeps.

Funny....reading back over this makes me sound like I'm complaining about him. I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not. Love the man to bits! All these things that I was looking forward to, I quickly begin to miss if he's gone for too long!

Anyhow. Night number one comes around. Yay...fresh sheets, sleeping children. I plan on relishing the moments. "Why go to bed right now?" I think "Let's open a book."

That, apparently was mistake #2. Because when I finally put the light out and snuggled into bed, Baby wakes up and won't go back to bed. 12:30 rolls around (I have to get up at 5:30, this isn't funny!)...he's finally asleep. "Finally" I think, "now I can at least get 5 hours."

That, was mistake #3. Baby woke up another 4 times that night. And guess who he was calling for?? Let's just say it was the parent who doesn't rhyme with mommy.

The next day rolls around, and I begin to think that I'll get some studying in...or at the very least, start of my homework.

That was mistake #4. Between my own children squabbling, the dayhome girl bored out of her mind and creating something to do, and the dayhome toddler who's going through the "I want ____" and whining stage; I about nearly exploded.

Thought that I'd wait till they went home, and my own went to bed....mistake #5 -- that's when the less-than-three-hours-sleep from the night before caught up with me. I was zonked by 830.

How pathetic.


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