Apr 1, 2009

School + Motherhood = Unhappy family

Taking care of three kids is a lot. Taking care of a teenager is a lot more (see posts below). Then I have the in-home daycare, with an additional 2 children (and one more next month)...people already think I'm nuts. However, apparently, that wasn't enough for me...no, no, no....I had to go and add school to the rest of it.

In my own defense, I didn't think that the diploma that I am going for was going to be all that hard. Boy, was I wrong! This course is detailed and in-depth! I'm talking about "explain how playing with play dough helps the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children". Yowzers, it's play dough for heaven's sake!

However, already 3 courses into it (with something like a bazillion more to go!), I'm happy to say that not only do I find the work interesting, I'm reveling in the challenge of it (and getting A's while I'm at it!). The rest of my family is not so thrilled.

The laundry is neglected. There is dust on the furniture. There have been many nights of "cereal for supper". And the worst possible thing of all, they actually have to do some things....themselves!!

Oh, the horror!!

"Sort my own laundry?" daughter whines, "but I don't know how!" Well hon, you're 8, I'll help you learn.

Hubby grumbled at the thought of making his own lunch. He actually balked at being told that he'd need to watch baby while I was away at school (I go for 1 Saturday a month). "What if he poops?" I tell him he'll have to deal with it the same way that I do, and secretly feed the baby things that I know are going to stink the next day, like mashed potatoes and gravy! (hey, I've been changing diapers for 8 years.....let me have my fun!)

Middle son is so independent that he was just like "whatever". Why can't they all be like that??

Step son --- well....he's got his own issues. Besides, he won't be happy today when I hand him a stack of assignments the teacher emailed me, then I'm dropping him off at the library...oh no...the Library on Spring Break! I am an evil, evil, step mother!!


Meaghan said...

Totally unrelated... But iTunes has great quality audiobooks. They still cost the same as the hard copy (to a degree), but you don't have 6 CDs to pack around!! :)

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