Apr 24, 2009

Yo Gabba What??

I'm not sure how long Yo Gabba Gabba has been on the air. What I do know is that I caught a bit of it a few months back...people, it has haunted me ever since. It is a show where you've got this much too happy guy, aka DJ Lance Rock. He carries around a wonderful boom box that houses his little "friends".

Personally, I think that this show was created while a bunch of someone's were smoking some pretty strong stuff. DJ Lance hops around in his 70's flashback jogging suit. He carries around these "friends", who, if you ask me are a little on the creepy side. Just look at that big red dude...doesn't he remind you of something that you found long ago hidden in your mom's bedside drawer??

The show goes on, with the characters singing songs like "We are the germs that make you sick" or "Try it, and you'll like it"

Creepy. That's the only word that I can describe for this show.

So...could someone please tell me why, in the name of God do the children enjoy it so much??


Aldon said...

Hey Heather, I LOVE YGG! It's a great show teaching kids that dancing, singing, and otherwise playing with your friends can be the best thing EVER!

But then again, I'm just a kid at heart, so when I can dance around the living room with Ava singing "There's a party in my tummy" we're both pretty happy.

I will totally agree as to it's creepy factor. Have you met Moon-oh's "brother"? He looks just like Moobn-oh but he's all white.....shudder why is there a dancing condom on the screen????


Hethr said...

Like you, I'll sing and dance right along with them...but I just can't get over the creep out factor of it.

Though, the "try it, and you'll like it" has become a regular around our table for when we have "strange" food, like asparagus or squash.

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