About Me

So, I figured I should explain myself a little bit better than in that itty bitty tiny blurb that I have on the home page.

My name is Hethr ← yes, I know how to spell my name, but that's how I roll on the net.  I am a 30-something mother of 4...yes FOUR children.  Well, one is soon to be a "legal adult" here soon enough (and if you can do the math, let me tell you now that he's my step son).  My other kids (at the time of writing this -- cause the chances of me updating it much are slim to none) are 9, 6 and 2.  My first two there were pretty normal kids...my last little guy there -- a holy terror on two feet.  That kid will be the death of me!  But -- well, I can't return him now, can I??

In my spare time (ha!) I go to school.  I'm currently working to get my Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare. (ECE for most of you --- our province has just screwed with the name).  As I speak, I am 1 measly practicum away from getting my certificate (and have maintained a 4.0 through it all  - woot woot!)

My job, aside from being a fabulous mother, wife and student, is as a childcare provider.  Please don't ever call me a baby sitter.  I hate it.  I take care of other people's little people.  I wipe bums and give hugs and play with lego all day long.  As strange as that sounds, this is a tough job (I dare you to try it).  Hence, this blog was born.  My place to vent about my husband, kids, and chosen children.  I'll also have the odd teacher rant, or neighbor story or whatever-crosses-my-delusional-mind post...but...well...that's me.

Oh -- and if you ever want to contact me -- you can -- delusional_mom @ hotmail. com (take out the spaces...and please don't fill my inbox with spam...I deal with enough crap all day long, I don't need it in my inbox.)

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