Mar 14, 2010

Woot Woot, I'm Famous!

Yup...Yes sir...I'm now officially a Blogger. I have made it past the leap of friends who read my blog becuase I post a link on Facebook and basically beg them to look at it, to an actual all out special appearance in another blogger's blog. (say that 10 times fast!!)

Check it out...she took out my pics of my Jillian vids (which I thought were artistic, but hey, it's her blog!)

I'm quite honestly still surprised that I would get a mention in a blog such as this -- as I said, sarcastic say-it-as-I-see-it sense of humor doesn't usually go over well in the Muslim crowd...

Thanks, Amber Misk, for the mention!


Amber Misk said...

Salam Sister :)

The post was about Heather not Jillian:) Her muscular abs are not that beautiful. I believe you can look gorgeously slim (you are now Bismillah Masha Allah), beautiful and healthy without being too masculine.

Thanks again for a lovely post.

Hethr said...

Hey -- I knew they were iffy to begin with! I may put them here -- or not...who knows!

Thanks again -- it was interesting and vainly fun!

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