Mar 11, 2010

The Shred - Day 19

I officially hate level 2.

It seems like every exercise that I do works my abs. They are screaming. My obliques...ouch. That sit-up with the leg lift added in is excruciating.

Oh -- then there's all that shoulder stuff...I'm in pain!!

On the plus side, my knees aren't hurting as much today. Another thing that makes me smile during these things is that Natalie, the woman that I love to hate, is sorta...uh...lippy with Jillian. Jillian comes up and says "I want your knees coming to here" and this Natalie pushes her hands down lower. I like it...makes me feel good for some reason. Kinda like when I was doing level one and there was that boxing session -- No lies, I imagined that I was punching Jillian in the face. It helped get me through.

I'm wondering though, if anyone else noticed that while Jillian is doing the knee lift things -- she's also nearly falling out of her top. I get worried every time I see it. I feel like running to her and saying, "stop, you're gonna pull a Janet!" never does. Just another thing that gets me through.

Aching thighs, horrendously painful upper arms/shoulders, and screaming abs. That's me.


Erin said...

Today was the firs time I made it through level 1 without thinking I was going to die I'm scared to move to the next workout. Don't quit, I'm right behind you!

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