Mar 15, 2010

The Shred - Day 22

I slept in this morning. I was at a wedding reception last night --- wearing a dress that rocked...when everyone else was covered. I felt a little nude. It was ladies only, the last wedding reception that I went to the ladies were dressed to the NINES and I felt frumpy...Huh...I think it's a conspiracy and that I'll never fit in. Whatever. Thanks to God and Jillian, I fit that dress and looked good (but would have looked so much better with Haniya's shoes, right Asma?!?!)

So -- Like I said - I slept in. I was so intent on doing my Shred this morning that I even dreamed about it. Yup, my alarm beepity-beep-beeped me awake, I sleepily turned it off and then went back into dream land doing power squats and V-raises and plank jacks. Yes, I am strange. When hubby's alarm went off next (45 minutes later, and much too late for me to exercise, I cursed and went on with my day).

But -- strange things; the weather here is beautiful. Warm, sunny and refreshing after a long, cold and dreary winter. The kids must have spent the weekend outside in this new spring and by the time we'd finished lunch, it was all they could do to make it to their nap stations! I took the initiative and did my quick 20 minute Shred while they power napped.

Once again, I did my best to follow Natalie. She's tough...I'm not quite at her level yet, but the other one (who's name continually slips my mind) is much too easy for me. I did it all until that last cardio section -- which for some reason I just can't make through. Plank jacks followed by double jump skipping. Repeat. It's just too much for me. But - I did as much of it as I could.

By the way - I also learned that doing a Shred workout after eating a bowl of vegetable soup isn't the best idea. Yuck.


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