Mar 31, 2010

Homework, excuses and Shredding - oh my!

Well, unless you live in the dark you'll notice that I haven't posted any exercise postings. That's because....wait for it....I haven't been exercising! I know -- what a shock! Here's my list of reasons why:
  • too much homework, not enough time to do it, and house work, and be a mom/wife/daycare lady and exercise. Just can't do it.
  • haven't been feeling well -- couldn't figure it out. Exhausted like I'm running on empty or something. Doc thinks it may be my thyroid needing adjusting.
  • Spring Break -- yup, my kids are here for the whole day every day for a week. You homeschooling parents, I don't know how you do it. I'm nearly certifiable by the end of the night.

Anyhow -- I have decided that at this point, my homework HAS to come least until I can get ahead (again) if I can. I have this retarded critical analysis to do of an essay that's about as exciting as watching paint dry...and once again, I'm putting it off and blogging instead.

I will let you know where life takes me -- and hopefully it's back on the exercise train soon!

Oh -- and by the way -- where's the love people? Do you not realize that your comments are what keep me going? Know how many comments I got on my last post (asking about whether or not I should move up a level)? ZERO people...come one...placate me!!


C said...

lol just to let you know you motivated me and I dusted of the wiifit and exercised for 41 minutes!

Erin said...

Sorry, I responded on FB! ( You're my only responding fan).
I don't know how you keep it up. Most of my kids are at school, and lately I feel like I never have a minute.
I'm going to get to the end of this Shred thing, I have to now! Hope you catch up on the homework and come back.

Chantilly said...

I never get comments either. It makes me super sad to see 0 comments!

I don't know how you do it with the children all being there. There are days when I get off work, pick up the boys and within 1/2 hour I am counting down bedtime minutes. I know that makes me sound like a horrible mom but somedays, I honestly don't care that you found dirt on the floor. Quit bringing me dust bunnies and exclaiming "EWWWWWW" and I don't care how far you made it on your latest DSI game that has consumed your life.

C said...

Chantilly you can't comment on your blog because when the word pops up to write down there is no where to write it down. Check it out. By the way I love your son's star war lego project!

Chantilly said...

Hmmmm....I had no idea!!! THANK YOU.

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