Mar 24, 2010

The Shred - Day 25

So, it's been almost a full week since I did The Shred. Why? Good question...I put off things, I"m good at that. I also had excuses - and they seemed pretty valid to me. Yard work...hours and hours of yard work. I did the yoga yesterday (I don't think that I blogged it) but I did it...and it was hard...I'm feeling muscles, especially around my core, that I never felt before. But it's not The Shred - not even close. I learned something today -- when you put off The Shred, it's like starting all over again.

Yes, my alarm went off this morning, I changed into my workout clothes and laced up my shoes, all happy and ready to continue where I'd last been (remember, I'd been following the Amazon woman for a few days). Not even 3 minutes into it, and Amazon woman was smiling and mocking me. Meanwhile - Easy Anita does her moves like a little fairy, and I feel like she's sending me a vibe. It says, "ha ha ha! You wimpy fool, now you have to follow me. Look and the pathetic moves that I do, and now you do because you can't keep up with Amazon. Ha...ha..ha."

I don't like it. My friend Erin was inspired (apparently by me) to go out and buy The Shred and start her own blog...she moved to level 2 a few days ago, and do you know what she said??

Today was day #1, Level 2 of the Shred. I was really dreading it. I've heard the horror stories, how it's so much harder than level 1, that I'd feel like puking.

I'm happy to report that it really wasn't that bad!

She's crazy, I know. Either that, or I'm pathetic, and I refuse to believe I'm sticking with the crazy thing.

Oh, one other thing -- after sweating up a storm at quarter after 5 this morning, I shakily made my way to my shower. I'm quiet, the rest of the house is sleeping...I turn on the shower, and pull back the curtain, and nearly die of a heart attack - there in my shower is what looks to be a dead rat. Turns out, my lovely toddler tossed a teddy bear (or teddy puppy, more accurately) into the bath tub last night. I didn't know, and turned on the water while I peeled out of my clothes and got my towels ready. By the time I was ready to step into the shower, poor puppy was an eerie looking drowned rat. Ew.


Karen Renaud said...

I think I need to get Shred, I've been doing Jillian's yoga meltdown level 1 of course for the past 2 days and yes my core feels like I've done about 1000 crunches. I can handle level 1 but I'm not sure if I'm ready for level 2 yet after 3 months of no upper body working out.

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