Mar 7, 2010

The Shred - Day 16 + Yoga Meltdown!

Okay, I didn't post yesterday because I went down to school.

I did do Day 16...and struggled again. I realized that I have to begin all over again, and can't just continue to follow Natalie (the tough chick) I followed...uh...the other one, and still wasn't able to do it all. All those plank poses...ouch!

Speaking of Plank Poses -- I got my newest workout video in the mail yesterday - and just finished doing it. I think that between this and my Shred - I'm set to rock a wicked body!

The video? Well -- Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown. At first, I thought that this was a Bikram style yoga where you need a 50* room. But no, it's just Yoga with a Jillian Michaels twist. I love yoga, and am a bit of a yoga snob, so I was leery about this, but I feel great. She does a kind of fast-flowing yoga with emphasis on the poses. You get into, say, Warrior pose and then you work it...with your legs flexing and straightening and bending (for about 10 or so reps) and then you hold it for 15 seconds (which, depending on your strength and the pose can seem like a LONG time).

There were some things that I was NOT able to do. THe Chaturanga Push-ups (by now, you all know my weakness in the push-up area) and one of the other ones (that I can't remember now) but all in all, I feel as though I have worked every muscle in my body very well.

I think that I may end up doing the Shred during the week, and leaving the Yoga Meltdown for the weekends. It'll be a nice break from the Shred without 'wimping out'.


Mumof2plus said...

I'm still thinking about your "belly dancing class" idea. I'd be totally into that. I'm not so sure Jillian Michaels is for me. I'm incredibly out of shape these days.

Tell us how the Yoga Meltdown routine fares, and I might consider giving that a try. I want to keep my existing flexiblity.

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