Mar 8, 2010

Yoga & kids, in lieu of day 17!

Well what an experience.

I was up very late last night helping out a friend in much need. (and my thoughts and prayers are still sent out and wrapping her with love and hope - I hope that she knows and feels it!). Anyhow, I was up much to late to get up this morning and do The Shred. Instead, I opted to do the Yoga Meltdown DVD after lunch with the daycare kids.

You see, with the things we're doing in school, the opportunity of the Sisters Blog and my own new healthy lifestyle; it's something that I am impressing onto the children around me. We eat healthy, sure -- we have a few snacks now and then, but I always ensure that we have whole wheat breads, fruits and veggies, etc. There are few "processed/packaged" foods around my home and even less of those things I'll allow into my childrens' mouths.

So -- today, after a healthy pizza of whole wheat crust topped with Soy pepperoni, soy sausage, and some veggies (sneaky, sneaky, huh?), I came down with them all (except the babies, who were napping) to do some Yoga.

My problem is, I don't have a children's Yoga DVD (yet) so it was either pop in The Shred, or The Meltdown. Something tells me that The Shred would be a bit much for them. Turns out that the Meltdown was pretty hard for them too. They did the first 10 minutes or so, and then they slowly dropped off, one by one, to sit and watch me and compare me to the women in the videos. What a little troop of cheerleaders I have here!

Go Heather!

You can do it!

Good Job!

Way to go! You're doing great!

They kept me going, they kept that smile on my face...oh how I love these little people!

Finally, it came down to the final stretching at the end of the workout (and a work out it is folks!) - then they are suddenly interested again. They start sitting next to me and stretching their little hamstrings and saying "oh yeah...I can feel that pull, can you feel it, Heather?" And I smile and nod.

Next up for my little Yogis -- we'll be making a fantastic digestive water! Ginger, cucumber, lemon and mint. Yum!


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

poor kids,jk. Today I saw a video, not for kids though. It was called Skinny B****. Holy! Guess you won't be trying that one! There must be something for kids out there..maybe Barney losing weight or something?

Tina S said...

I like to hook up wii fit and do that with the kids. I give them all a rubbermaid bin lid aka wii board and wii workout together!

Hethr said...



There IS a children's exercise video, actually quite a few of them. However, even if Barney DOES have one, it wouldn't come within 10 feet of my house. I hate Barney. I hate his overly drugged, exuberant children who lip sync all the songs and dance to cheesy choreography. I hate his super nice, no one ever does wrong or feels bad or does bad things that end up making children feel as if they are wrong for being normal. I hate the evangelical undertones of the program. And I hate people dressed up in costumes like this (Pedophile alert!) or that crap that's on the Wiggles. Gag. Looks like something that I made out of scraps of clothes....pathetic -- yet people PAY money for it!

Okay -- rant over. Sorry.

Hethr said...

Tina -- A Wii ... Oh how I wish I had one of these.

Tina said...

We like Yoga Kids ABC from Amazon!

Hethr said...

Tina -- I was looking at that one, but found's a 2 for 1 thing

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