Mar 1, 2010

The Shred - Day 11

Well -- 11 days into this thing and I'm feeling great. Increase in my stamina, increase in my energy levels...yup, all around I feel good.

Here's some things that I noticed today that excited me:
When I was doing my jumping jacks - I didn't feel like I was getting the permajiggle going. Sure, I have that baby pooch that I'm not sure all the sit-ups and cardio in the world can get rid of, but that was really the only thing that I could feel a definite ripple in.
When I finished the cardio sections today, I didn't feel like I was going to die.
When I did the static lunges today, I didn't hurt. (I think I strained a muscle yesterday cause I was in pain in just one leg all day) but today, I did them, it was a struggle for sure, but it didn't hurt.

The only really hard thing for me now are those damn anterior raises. Good God, I have weak arms!

I think...maybe another week on Level One (if things continue to go well) and then *gulp* it may be time for me to move to Level Two! Scary!!


Tina said...

You're Awesome!!

Hethr said...


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