Mar 9, 2010

Childish questions -- and Grown-Up answers...

It’s looking like it’s going to be one of “those” days…So, I’m gonna have a little let loose on here. These are all answers to questions that I've had today .... just today...and it's not even noon.

No – it is not okay for you to use 50 tissues when you’ve only been here 5 minutes and have an “imaginary” runny nose.
No – it is not okay for you to stand with a toy in your hand and wander around the room so that I’ll think you’re helping to clean up.
No – it is not okay for you to spoon your dinner over onto another child’s plate.
No – it is not okay for you to jump on my furniture, nor run inside my house.
I’m not stupid and I know when you haven’t washed your hands…all this will accomplish is me getting mad and making you do it anyhow.
Well, I'm not sure if people with big ears can see better.
No, I don't believe that earrings can help you to hear prettier sounds, even if the earrings are pretty.
Yes, water is healthier than beer.
Flopping like a dead fish on your nap cot will infuriate me.
No, you cannot drink my tea.
No, I do not need you to wipe my bum, and please leave the bathroom when I’m in it with my pants around my ankles. (does a closed door mean nothing?!?)
No, I cannot speak “Cat”, I cannot speak “Dog”, nor can I speak “fish”
No, I cannot speak “brown people”(what???)
No, I cannot speak "yellow people" either (do I even want to know??)
Yes, please sleep, because Heather needs a break!
Now -- who says that having a home daycare isn't fun??


Anonymous said...

The beer one HAS to be Sabrina... same with the boogers on the sock. Jumping too... and running... probably the cleaning one. The flopping one FOR SURE (I share a bed with her, so I KNOW that this happens!) Bathroom one too? If it is, she learned that from Max the Cat. The dinner spooning thing too. And drinking your tea.

Crap... everything except the "speaking cat, dog, etc" is probably her!

Hethr said...

Lol -- nope, not all of those were her!! Boogers yes, flopping yes...running yes...that's it! (feel better now?)

FlyBabySHE said...

You don't speak "fish"?????? What IS the world of dayhome providers coming to?? ROFLOL!

Mumof2plus said...

On the best of days we providers barely speak Toddlerease, let alone FISH!!! LOL

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