Mar 9, 2010

The Shred - Day 17

So, just in case you haven't noticed, I've been sacking in The Shred department.

Today I was not going to do it and see if I was able to go by unnoticed, but then, I would know...and I couldn't give up. However, after 3 days of doing the Yoga Meltdown (which, by the way, is no slice of cake, may I say), I decided that I would ease myself into Shredding and just do Level 1.

It seems though, that I've come to a bump in the road. I've noticed that my knees hurt when I'm doing the jumping jacks. I thought it was just the fact that I've been a lazy ass not done any exercise and that my body would get used to it. Then, I did the 3 days of Yoga, and now again The Shred, and I could NOT do those jumping jacks (or the skipping). The pain on the outsides of my knees is unbearable...I can do maybe three or four, then I have to stop. I'm able to do the kick yourself in the butt one, but I cannot do the jumping. It HURTS. Any of you smart, wonderful people out there in internet land happen to know why??

But -- here's a small seems that all those chaturanga pushups that I did in The Meltdown have paid off. Today, I did the entire (first) set of push-ups (girly style) the REAL way. The next set I had to do as wall push-ups, but that alone is a HUGE success!

Sit-ups are really easy for me now too. (and I shudder at that thought, becuase I know the torturous sit-ups that are in for me tomorrow!)

Yes -- tomorrow morning, I'll be doing level 2. And I may even try to do the Yoga at night (should I be able to get enough reading for school in during the day.)

Hmmm....there was something else....but can I remember before I give up and publish this??? Oh yes! The weigh in. That's tomorrow (on my yahoo group)...I've been sneaking in peeks at my weight -- and it's looking like I'm down 2 pounds -- but then for lunch today, I had 2 huge bowls of home-made mac'n'cheese. It was SO I've likely gained it all back. We'll have to see tomorrow then!


Meaghan said... best guess is that those rotten videos never account for one's current fitness level - they just make you jump right in, regardless of what your body is totally prepped for. I'd forgo the jumping jacks for awhile since they are so high-impact, and maybe jog (quickly) on the spot - running on the spot with high knees is good too! And always check your shoes - if they are old or cheap, they could be the first reason. Build it from the foundation up, just like a house :)

Or you could just come over to with all us cool people ;) Lol!!

Hethr said...

I looked at your NO FRIGGEN WAY!!! Not yet anyhow!

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