Mar 17, 2010

Day 23 (late) and Yoga today...

Well - I was so excited with my new blog layout and laughing at that crazy woman's bugged eyes, that I forgot to post about my Shred yesterday. (by the way -- I noticed that you can now get The Shred for just $8.99!! Sweet!)

Once again, I did my best to follow Natalie (or as my friend Erin calls her, the "Amazon Woman" -- which is so very apt!) -- And I'd like to know what's up with this mid-way point of the levels. I get going, I get going well, and then suddenly I falter. What I could do the day before, I can no longer do. WHY??

I wasn't able to make it through the cardio sections, I wasn't able to do the push-ups, I was barely able to do those dreaded chair squats with the V fly. Also -- I pulled a muscle in my abs. Seriously, I was laying there on the floor sweating and panting and desperately trying to lift up my legs like Jillian and her Amazon friend, when suddenly, I felt a pop on the right side (like over my ovary)...Yowza!! It hurts if I try to do that move again, but it also randomly hurts depending on the position I'm in and the pressure on it.

I ended up a little defeated yesterday.

Today, however, I got up, got dressed and headed down for Yoga Meltdown. Remember, I'm trying 3 days of shredding and 1 day of Yoga. Since I enjoy Yoga so much, this video is pretty easy for me, relatively speaking. I get a good workout and relaxation at the same time. I know -- a bit of an oxymoron, but it is what it is. Today, however, that pulled muscle in my stomach screamed at me. EVERYTHING in this yoga video irritated it! The Sun Salutation (where you lift your arms up and tilt your upper body back ever so slightly) -- Pain. Plank poses - Pain. Camel pose - Pain. Dolphin pose - Pain. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

2 more days to the doctor, and I'm going to have a list of complaints as long as my arm! This is my first ever visit with him, and he's going to think I'm nuts!

I need to make another order from Amazon (my favourite store ever!) - I need some Yoga for kids (both mine and my chosen children). My girlfriend was kind enough to drop off a video for me, which will do until my new ones arrive -- I'm planning on buying Gaiam Kids: Yogakids Fun Collection...anyone have any opinions on it?? The way I see it, you get two videos (full length) for less than the price of one!


Anonymous said...

Good grief. What imbeciles. Do you know where they live? It'd be so cool if you could give their kids coloring books of Mecca and Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

Um, that was supposed to go under your Jehovah post. Sorry :)

Hethr said...

That's okay M, I've done it myself on other blogs.

I do know where the woman lives - and I had invited her in for chats about Islam...she never showed. Too bad. She was very perturbed by my head covering - until I asked her what color Mother Mary's hair is. She was like ???? And I said - have you ever seen a painting or description of her hair? Nope. Because it was covered. Why do people accept Nuns wearing their Habits, but a Muslim Woman in a Hijab is oppressed??

Shasharishi said...

My mum who is a Christian and doesnt know yet about my reversion saw a picture of me in hijab on skype today!!! Do you know what she said? 'Who took that picture of you? That's a lovely colour.' She's not stupid my mum, she's waiting for me to tell her what's going on! Re the kids yoga video, im interested in that one, if you get it before me, let me know how it goes and what agegroup you think it is best suited to. Thanks!

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