Mar 2, 2010

The Shred - Day 12

Eww -- hot and sweaty at night, not liking this.

Today was a little more difficult - I think because I really didn't want to do this today. Honestly, if it hadn't been for the few of you who pointed out my missing post today, I would have tired to skip it.

Anyhow -- Did it. Had trouble with those static lunges. I hurt my right leg, and wasn't able to do most of them on that side...

Get this though -- when I do the jumping jack/skipping/jumping jack/skipping section -- I no longer feel a permajiggle! Did I already mention this? I don't know...But I feel a change in me! I'm excited for tomorrow morning which is my weigh-in/measure day! Hurray!

Everything else though is going really well. If things continue on this trend, I may be bumping myself up for level two on day 15!!


C said...

I'm wondering where your food challenge day 7 is....

Hethr said...

Ooops! I forgot -- Are pictures of leftovers going to be okay?

C said...

Sure why not?

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