Apr 1, 2010

The Shred - Day 28 (day 1 of Lvl 3)

Uh...all I can say is, "yeah right"

People, she puts moves into the warm up that are in the work out sections of the other levels. Even Jillian is panting away -- not even into the first strength session! Oh, and that first strength section is ... you guessed it ... more plank moves!! Yup -- you do this "walk out plank" followed by "the superman" - these are yoga moves. I like yoga. I also like Jillian's take on Yoga -- but this 3 minute section....it's painful.

So -- I did what all good quitters do. I turned it off.

I'm just not in "that place" right now -- perhaps tomorrow. I realized today that I've stopped doing this exercise for ME and started doing it for all of you readers. No wonder I hate it now! I need to get back to doing it because i want to do it rather than because my readers expect a post. But I wanted to get through my last day with the daycare children today in a good mood. One more day. We'll do yoga later...I promise!

Oh -- speaking of Yoga -- I went and ordered that Giam Kids Yoga video that I was talking about in an earlier post...but I mistakenly ordered 2. So, I've got one that I'd like to sell, rather than go through the hassle of returning....here's the link, and you all can email me (or comment, remember, I like comments!) to let me know if you want it or not.

I still can't get over this -- they have 2 other videos on there, one is Silly-to-Calm for $20 and the other is Abc's (3-6) again for $20 -- while the video that I bought includes BOTH of those DVDs for just $18.49! So -- the one that I have is up for grabs and if you're too slow on the take, just order it -- I think it's totally worth it!


Erin said...

Oh Heather, now I'm really afraid for next week. I'm still fighting my way through level 2 every morning.
Doing it for someone else just doesn't cut it. I hope you enjoy the yoga. :)

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