Apr 4, 2010

Come to St.Albert - where the Rich folks are!

Yup – that was my immediate though as soon as the news began publicizing the protests about the building of a Habitat for Humanity project.

"St.Albert – where we’re better than you because we have money – because everyone knows that when you have money, you don’t have problems like drugs or crime or abuse. The police never need to come to a rich person’s neighbourhood and the IQs of their children are proportionate to their income." That's not a quote -- just the vibe them Rich Folks are sending us lowly scum of the population.

This is just sick to me. I used to live in St.Albert and found it quite nice -- in fact, if I could pack up and move, I'd like to move there again. I want to make it clear that not ALL people of St.Albert are racist bigots...just the select few, I'd say it's limited to the fools who write to the St.Albert Gazette and the idiots who stormed the city council to protest the development.

What do you think?


Meaghan said...

I wonder if they realize their city has the highest meth use/addiction rate in Canada?? Too much of Daddy's money with nowhere to spend it, I guess...

C said...

Asalaamu alaikum

Wow! We know people like this exist but seeing it in print is just unbelievable! We have a similar experience. Since my kids go to french school that just happens to be in the rich neighbourhood they have to deal with being the not so well off kids. Not only are my kids muslim but gasp don't live in a big house in the well off neighbourhood or get to do all the sports activities or travel overseas constantly. Are my kids left out? The girls are constantly but the boys have it easier because boys are usually less into such status things. And drugs? Yes there are drugs at the rich high school with drug busts. Then there are the teachers who walk by the weed smoking students and also advocate legalizing drugs. Yup all is well in the rich man's land.
PS we are in Ontario.

Hethr said...

Yes, seeing it in print was rather shocking -- I just don't understand how one can have such an elitist philosophy...I mean, sure, you have money, and I don't -- do you really think that you're BETTER than me? Do you really think that becuase you have money, you won't have problems??

It's sad that they are so small-minded.

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