Apr 4, 2010

Yoga Challenge

So -- Level 3 of the shred is a joy (seriously people). Still can't make it through all of the exercises - but that 20 minutes is gone before I even know it and I enjoy every second of it. However, this weekend, I chose to do the Yoga Meltdown.

My husband doesn't like when I write online about him...not even in a status update, so let's just say that I talked to "someone" and teased him to death until he decided to do the yoga with me. I pop in the video and we start doing the warm up which just consists of standing there and waving your arms up and down.

I should put a note here - I'm competitive. Nope, more than that, I'm the type of person who will work as hard as I can to do better than you then I'll do a little "hoo rah" dance in my head when I do extremely competitive.

We start getting into more moves. I know that "someone" isn't all that flexible - but I thought "anyone can do yoga" yet, someone proved me wrong. He's tipping over and falling and for most of the moves just laid there (or stood, depending on the position) while we both pretended that he was still doing it.

Can I just say how much I loved this? He's struggling and stumbling, and I'm flowing from one pose to another and, in a total un-yoga like manner, I was secretly laughing and pointing at him and saying "na na na na boo boo, I do Yoga better than you!"

Yes, I'm pathetically immature that competitive.

Later, becuase I can't possibly let him get away with the yoga failure and feel the insane urge to brag wanted to make some conversation with my dad and his family, I start talking about our Morning Yoga Session together.

His response "my body's not built right for it."

Last night, he challenged me to a Shred Off...but he's only willing to do level 1. I think I may just take him up on it.


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