Apr 23, 2010

I want to be a "Learned Woman"

So - I've been slacking in my exercise postings -- that's becuase I've been slacking in my exercises!  After about two weeks of sitting on my duff and thinking about exercising, I plugged in the 30 Day Shred and was barely able to make it through level one.  Ugh.  Back to square one!

I'm going to continue to do this though... I"m thinking roughly 3 days per level...ie, 3 days on Level 1, then a day of Yoga Meltdown, then 3 days of Level 2 and another day of Yoga meltdown...you get the pic.

What I'm really waiting for however, is school to be done.  I have a couple of spring courses happening right now - and as soon as they're done, I'm signing up for belly dancing!  Yup -- there's this place right here in the city that offers belly dancing classes - it's called Raqs Al Almeh - which apparently means "Dance of the Learned Women" -- sweet is what I call it.

Why Hethr -- you're a Muslim -- don't all Muslim women belly dance?  Isn't that part of your religion??

Uh  -- NO.  That's kinda like saying that all Christians must know how to polka. Gimme a break.  And yes, that was an honest to God question that I was asked.  *roll eyes*

Anyhow -- the women running this place seem to be really funky and neat -- open to everything.  I like that.  It's also the right price -- working out to just $10/class.  I also love that they've researched so much and offer so many different types of belly dancing.

Oh -- they also have a facebook group, just in case anyone wanted to join.

I can't wait to get started!


Erin said...

I'd come with you...if I lived there! Learned Woman, I like it. :)
Good for you getting back into the exercise thing. You are the one that inspired me to start, I'm glad you're able to start again. :)

Tina said...

Have fun belly dancing!

FlyBabySHE said...

Being a "Learned Woman" sounds like fun...is there any way to be one without belly dancing? LOL..just can't quite see me in long flowing veils and a bellybutton jewel!

Susan said...

My sister used to belly dance, she was in the best shape of her life then! I trip over my own feet at the thought of dancing...it sure is an awesome workout though. I love middle-Eastern dance/disco music...like the kind they play at Koutouki after about 9 o'clock on the weekends. There must be an actual name for it but I don't know what it is lol.

Elena said...

I used to belly dance... hard to tell now :) but I abso-freaking-lutely love it! I even brought some music with me when I moved here. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly in the area :(

Hethr said...

Elena - I would totally come get you!

Ella Jean said...

Belly dancing is so cool!! That studio looks awesome!! I'd love to learn the tribal style dancing...I've done the Egyptian, man was that hard, but tonnes of fun! :)

Hethr said...

Ella -- The tribal is what I was leaning towards too, or the cardio shimmy...I'd totally offer to come get you too, but you're just a tad too far for it!

FlyBabySHE said...

I actually went so far as to look at their schedule, thinking it would be fun to try something like that with a friend.. but none of their beginner classes fit with my work schedule

Selene said...


I love your blog and the wit within. I can't wait to meet you on your journey to becoming a 'learned woman'.

For the record - we instructors continue to learn also. We leave the country regularly for training. It's more fun when the journey continues.

I just wanted to let everyone know that you really do not need a jewel in your navel or a specific body type or any dance experience. You also don't need to bare your belly and no one will insist you perform. To tell the truth, there was no way anyone was going to see my navel when I started! To class we wear (get ready to be scandalized) ...yoga gear (or anything comfortable) with bare feet. But be prepared to giggle (it's a rule) - we laugh at ourselves a lot before the fancy schmancy moves begin to look right. It's a fun journey.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Raqs Al Almeh

Anonymous said...

Crazy...are you serious?? Why would you want to belly dance? For whom?

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