Apr 1, 2010

Level 3 - for real this time

Okay - I'm thoroughly convinced that I'm warped -- and am a little disappointed that I didn't give level 3 more of a chance this morning.

I went back to do it tonight -- thought that maybe watching little A do it with me might bring some humour to the workout. After the psychotic plank/superman poses - the rest of the workout was pretty fun! Don't get me wrong - it was Jillian tough - but it was fun. I didn't mind level 1, I absolutely hated every second of level 2, but level 3 brings some of my favourite moves from level 1 (punches, but kicks, etc) and adds even more fun in there. There's this move where you're in a plank position - lift up one hand to your torso, bring it down, then raise the leg, bring it down...I really like this move. It's hard - but I enjoy it! Same with the "traveling push-ups" I'm a freak...I know it!

The thing is - I'd heard tales that level 3 was this giant torture session, but I really, really like it. I think that, for me, level 2 is my personal level 3! I'm so happy to have an exercise that I enjoy again! Woo hoo!!


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