Apr 14, 2010

Disney Channel Rant

So, as I'm waiting for my little red light on my reader to change to green (I told you, the battery was DEAD!!)  I'm sitting in the same room as my children who are playing together like a little flock of angels.

Oh..who am I kidding?  They're fighting and getting into things that they shouldn't be.

However...my daughter is trying to watch TV.  She's old enough that the baby television shows (which Isaac would still watch, but won't admit to liking), but young enough to think that the majority of the crap that's out there is good TV viewing (and, admittedly, I may have a skewed opinion on this...as a person who enjoys things like The First 48 and LOST or just about anything on Discovery Channel).  However, Iman's current TV viewing habits have me more than a little perplexed.

You see, since I'm surrounded by children all day long, I tend to know a lot of the kids shows.  I've had posts before about children's shows that I hate yet I had not been introduced to a whole new type of show; they're geared towards tweens and they SUCK...I mean, horrible!

First of all, there's Hannah Montanna (or, as she's lovingly referred to in my home, Hannah Moncrappy).  I. Hate. This. Show.

Why? Well, thank you so much for asking...let me just clarify the many reasons for this pure hatred of all things Hannah:
  1. The acting, like almost every other tween show, is pathetic.
  2. The writing, like almost every other tween show, is pathetic.
  3. The idea...the main idea of the show...is just wrong!  Why...why do they have to all be about being a rockstar?  Why do they have to be rich and famous?  Why do they have to wear trashy clothes and bat their eyes and act like fools around a) boys, and b) large groups of girls?
  4. I won't buy into Hannah Montanna -- not the theory of it, not the pathetically materialism of it, not the "I'm going to dress my 9 year old like a wannabe hooker.  Nope. Not happening people!  In fact, I groomed Iman well.  I remember, when we were shopping for grade 1 clothing and I was shocked that we went from pretty little girl clothes, to Hannah Montana inspired trash.  A sales woman at Walmart was helping us (yes...it's true...they do have staff there!) and said "well, the Hannah Montana line is really popular"  and Iman, at 6 years old, looked up to her and said "Uh...we don't support the Hannah Montana empire." 
Next comes  The Suite Life of Zack and Cody  I hate this show for all the same reasons that I hate Hannah...except this one's worse.  It's filled with snotty rich kids.  There's twins (*shudder* -- I'm reminded of the damn Olsen twins off of Full House).  Yup...snooty twins who are terrible actors...except these ones are boys.

There's The Wizards of Waverly Place -- which is borderline with me.  Some episodes are okay, but some are not.  I'm still deciding on this one.

I'd just like to know why there can't be more shows like iCarly (which is not, by the way, on Disney, but on a Canadian tween channel called YTV)-- this show is about a fun and spunky teen who has a quirky family life but is down to earth, smart and polite.  She's not rich.  She's not rude.  She's not throwing herself at boys.  The show is centered around her unique family and her little web show that she puts on (no, not a creepy sexual thing) It's something that I could see my own kids doing...turning on a camera, doing stupid tricks like making milk come out of your nose, and having fun.  I like that she's smart and proud of it.  Too many of the other shows have their leading ladies dumb it up.  I think brains are good and ought to be emphasized a little more than the naked shoulder or barely there skirts (I don't care if you have opaque tights on underneath..not on my 9 year old!) -- oh...and why won't Disney Channel air this show?  Why is Disney grooming it's young women into such sexualized young women??

There's another show that's broadcast here in Canada on YTV network... it's called How to be Indie.  I really like this one too.  This show is about an immigrant Indian family and their daughter -- she's trying to find a way to maintain her culture and be Canadian.  Very cool.  It's borderline on the dumbness -- but when she acts stupid, there are usually repercussions to it (other than a concert gig)..and she learns that brains are better than trying to impress.

Okay...my little green light came on...off to read...let me know what you think of the Disney shows aimed at our young girls and the fact that teen pregnancy is not only on the rise, but happening to younger and younger girls....coincidence??


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I don't have the Disney Channel so I haven't seen Hannah Montana. I've seen the suite life and didn't mind it. Wizards of Waverly place..no clue but I've seen the clothes at walmart. I hate iCarly..seems so stupid to me and they keep making fun of her friend because she comes from a white trash family. People can't help the families they come from. I did like How to be Indie which I caught for the first time the other day where they are having an international food night at school. It was funny because my daughter had just done her Malaysian booth at school so I could really relate. You want to see a really stupid show? Try Tyra Banks. Sometimes I catch my 10 yr old watching that and have to shoo her off. "like OMG Paris you have hundreds of new shoes every season, that's awesome" gag me with a spoon people!

Hethr said...

I wanted to post this comment that my brother sent me. I need to put a WARNING on it though...he's put a link to a SouthPark Episode that deals with this very issue. Language...yikes...don't watch this with kids around. It's bleeped, but kids are NOT dumb!


Seven minutes long (plus a random 30 seconds of nothing at the beginning), and poorly cut, but I think the guys at South Park are on your side. They made the episode because one of the women at their office took her daughter to a Jonas Brothers concert, and they use that girl's response to the show right at the beginning. -- Brad

Chantilly said...

I am in full agreeance with you on this. Jon also likes ICarly.

Those tween shows are horrible. I am quite happy Jon has skipped over that and went straight to Glee. :)

Anonymous said...

I Hate Disney!! Its only goal is to corrupt and brainwash children. In the A.M the Family channel is aimed towards toddlers, they have disney shows such as mickey mouse club house and Handy Manny. I was curious about the Mickey mouse show, only because disney uses a lot of secret words and many subliminal messages. By "secret words" i mean names of characters that mean something else in another language, or in the micky mouse clubhouse case two different languages. When the show starts Mickey tells the viewers to say the words "miska Mouska MIckey Mouse" to make the clubhouse appear, He tells the viewers to say this 3 times with him. So i googled each word separately, put them together and i discovered that disney is making the kids blaspheme. Yeah, "miska mouska " means GODLIKE. May not seem like a big deal to some, but it is to me. I would have never thought anything about these foreign words. BUt i remember watching a youtube video about Disney that a priest had posted. He gave some examples about disneys corrupt ways. One of them which was about Pocahontas, I cant remember in which language but when you say her name you are actually invited the devils to sit with your children. eeeeep.!!

Anonymous said...


"Even though I see where you you're going with this Disney Channel rant, it doesn't mean that I truly like you.

Like you, I'm also disappointed by all the stereotypical teen stuff on the Disney Channel. But I believe that you're blind to iCarly's true colors. You may not it but that Nickelodeon show is just as bad as those DISN (Disney Channel) teen programs because it's similar to them due to its pathetic humor.

Judging by the name of this blog, I'd say that you truly are delusional. Hell, you might be just as bad as the content that you ranted about."

@the other Anonymous:

"You don't have to like Disney if you don't want to. But you're dead wrong in what you typed.

Disney's a well-meaning company that teaches more than one good thing to kids. Sure, it's NOT all perfect. But no other place is.

And that priest who posted that anti-Disney clip on YouTube didn't know what he was thinking, although I'm not against him.

If I were you, I'd take a better look at the Disney content before lying about its company.

Like Hether, I'm also displeased by what DISN has become. And so, I wish to do one ore more things about it.

Whoever thought up of the idea to put that stereotypical teen junk on the Disney Channel must have been dropped on his or her head when he or he was younger."

Anonymous said...

HI, I'm a mum in the UK with a 10 year old boy, I've blocked the Disney channels! I can't believe they churn out this rubbish and repeat it over and over again. Shame because Disney used to have a good reputation but now it just feels like it's out to make money and have no moral responsibility towards its viewers. Does America not make any good drama shows or comedy for their tweens?

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