Apr 14, 2010

Shred Challenge - final thoughts

Okay, I'm well beyond my 30 days of Shredding.  I thought I'd come in with some final thoughts and statistics.

Do I love working out any more than before?  No.

Do I have a new love for Jillian?  Not really.

Have I noticed changes?  YES...energy, clothing wise, even my skin looks better!

The results:
  • Total Weight loss = -1.7 lbs.  This doesn't seem like much - but I can see a massive change.  I lot of my blubber changed into muscle.  Don't be dissapointed if you do this workout and don't see your scale moving much
  • Waist = no change
  • Chest = +1.25 inches (hell yeah!)
  • Hips = - 1 inch (hell yeah!)
  • Thighs = - 1.25 inches (hell yeah!)
  • Calves = + .5 inch (oh yeah!)
  • Biceps = + 1 inch (yeah baby, yeah!)

So...now what?  Well, I honestly haven't gotten off of my butt for the last few days...busy with life. There's also a major change to my work schedule starting - and I'm already waking up at 5am.  I will NOT be getting up at 4 to exercise.  I'll have to figure something out though.

I still can't decide if I love The Shred or not.  I certainly like the fact that it's short...long enough to make a difference short enough to be over quickly without being bored out of my mind.  I'm debating whether or not I'll do a level a day or something...I just hated level 2 so much.  All in all though, I'd highly recommend buying this video.
I really like Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown - that's a workout/relaxation in one (and Jillian's not yelling at you).
My friend gave me a dvd to try -- it's Lindsay Brin's CORE Fitness which I hear is tough...I may try it...or it may gather dust.

I'd sure as hell like to enjoy working out.  I really want to want to get up in the morning and do it. Thing is, I'm lazy...lazy, lazy, lazy.  And lately, I've been making excuse after excuse to not do these things.  Am I just in the wrong place right now?  Maybe.  Or maybe God just intended for me to jiggle and shake.  Who knows?

PS. Blogger has completely changed the layout of blogging. I really like it!! Maybe I'll have a couple of posts testing out the new features!


Ella Jean said...

All I have to say is YAY!! You made it and have seen results! Even though you don't love Jillian, she has given you a start to your fitness plan. Kudo's for being able to do it a home too! I'm way to lazy to work out alone...I need someone to motivate and pressure me! lol!

Chantilly said...

Ok let me get this straight....You start at 5am and I don't pick up Owie Owerson until 5:30pm...woman....what are you doing to yourself??? Have you ever heard of the term burn out? P.S. Don't kick me to the curb now that you realize that I am the last person picking up a child...we would die without you.

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