Apr 7, 2010


Why is it that when I'm faced with a crap load of life, I choose to blog instead? I've got homework up the yin-yan, more housework than I can handle right now, and a family to take care of. What do I do instead...sit down and try to think of something to blog.

See -- I've been in a funk. Hold on to your seats folks, 'cause I'm about to rock your world. I have nothing to complain about lately.

I know...shocked the hell out of me as well...but seriously -- nothing is happening! My shred and yoga workouts have been fun (I forgot to mention that I lost yet another inch of my thighs!), my kids have been (relatively) well behaved, and there haven't even been any daycarisms. What the heck is a complainer to do??

There are some serious big things happening this week -- which are causing my fingertips to nearly itch off in a little blogging frenzy -- yet I can't. I'm bound by contract to keep my lips (and my fingers) under tight control. Damn you lawyers!! (can you see me shaking my fist at them in fury??!?!)

Maybe tonight I'll be inspired. 2 of my 4 daycare children are being taken care solely of by the leading men in their lives. They're both good men though -- so not sure if I'll be able to find humour.

I need to sit and watch some crappy tv or something with the kids...Hannah Montana or something equally as horrid. Advice? Thoughts? Anything to trigger another blog rant (don't call me though!!)


The awesomest babywearing mama around! (LOL) said...

Why don't we talk about people (and I can say this here because she doesn't know you) who borrow a huge sum of money 3 months ago because they're tight up and then have no problem blowing $400 in one day on mundane things that aren't necessary instead of paying atleast a portion of it back! Gah! Stupid people. That's my rant and I can't post it anywhere!

Erin said...

Oh my...I know what you need...a dog or 2. I find that just when I think everything is under control, the dogs do something stupid. Like eat garbage off the back deck, then proceed to have icky stuff coming out of both ends...in their crate and on my carpet.
Your in a Post- Spring Break slump, fewer kids home = less chaos.

FlyBabySHE said...

Absolutely NOTHING to complain about? No teachers? No housework? No misbehaving kids? No annoying relatives? LOL..can it really be true?

Oh..and does the big secret have anything to do with a piece of paper you had to find in someone's house, and maybe some phone calls and cameras?

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Surely after every difficulty comes relief. So say Alhumdullilah woman!

BBBoris said...

I'm a good man!!! Now I have proof!!!

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