Feb 25, 2010

Use your bain people

This car accident happened just BLOCKS from my home. It is terrifying and sad.

It happened more than 6 months ago, but from the first day I saw it, I knew that the driver had to be either texting or talking on her cell phone. This road, 3 lanes, is clear. That truck surrounded by pylons was about 1/2 km from the lights where this woman came from. tell me HOW you could not have seen that. It's a big white truck, surrounded by bright orange pylons and workers in reflective gear.

The poor kid was (or nearly was) cut into two. He stood no chance. Yet, the woman was (apparently) seen still freaken texting when she got out of the car. She (apparently) didn't even know she had just KILLED someone.

This is pathetic, beyond anything that I can even say. Pathetic.

Oops -- just wanted to add the newest info on this story.


C said...

Inna illaihi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. So sad. Why are people so obsessed with these devices. Talk/text when you are not driving!

Hethr said...

It is terribly sad...here's the link to the newest article too:


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