Feb 26, 2010

My exercise in lieu...

Okay - so I decided to give my muscles a break from the torture training of Jillian. Instead, I thought I'd remove the cardio dance video that I got from Avon a while ago. First of all (not to diss all of you Avon reps out there) but that should have been my first warning. It's called Dance for Weight Loss.

Now, I would assume that anyone who's buying a DVD based on weight loss will NOT have a dancer's ability to remember complex choreography nor their natural ability to pull it all together on a quick 1-2-3-4 count.

At first, you do these moves, and they seem really easy...here's a video (it's in Spanish but you get the idea)...this is how they fool you. You do these moves, they're fun, and you think "wow, I can dance." But these moves that they're showing in this video are just the practice ones. You then double time them. Now again, reading this sounds easy...but I dare you -- do that clip! I dare you to pull it off! Then, I want you people to know that you have a choice at the beginning of the video -- either do 30 or 60 minutes. Try that people!

Now -- this is all rather tongue in cheek here. If I were alone, I'd chuck this video, because quite honestly, it's crap. However, Iman and I did this together, and the laughs we shared and the time spent together was totally worth every penny.

Bed time -- Need to prepare for Jillian tomorrow. My mom has been reading my blog and noticed that I've been using cans of kidney beans for weights. Since I apparently motivated her to go and get the video, she has gone out and punished me by buying me a set of proper weights -- I'm sure she'll get a laugh when she gets to work on Monday and reads about my sore, pathetic little arms being sore! Love ya, Mom!!


C said...

Awww...I wish my mom read my blog. She hates the internet!

Hethr said...

I know my mom wouldn't read it if she didn't have to use a computer at work. I have it set up to automatically email her my posts. Otherwise, nope, she never would!

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