Feb 10, 2010


Okay -- I'm totally stealing from my friend Meaghan - but really, I'd like to start posts like this.

Yesterday was an absolutely unbelievable day. One of my daycare moms did something amazing for me. Though I call her a "daycare mom" she is most certainly someone that I call a friend too (although we never really talk outside of the drop off/pick up times). I am so grateful to have someone so special in my life.

She comes in the morning, bringing me my chosen son for the day. In her hand is a box. We had just finished having a conversation on my dayhome fanpage about Eric Carle books, and I also noted her facebook status regarding shopping at Indigo. So...I assume that it's a little gift of Eric Carle board books. She says to me "Open in, but not until I leave."

I take my chosen son down to my chosen daughters and son and say "O's mom brought us a gift! Let's all open it!" Everyone takes turns ripping off a piece of paper -- what do I find?? Most certainly NOT Eric Carle Board Books --- nope, it's a Sony Reader.

It's not often that someone hears (or reads) something that you say, remembers it and then goes out of their way to get that thing for you. I had mentioned on Facebook sometime last week that I wanted to buy a Kindle (same thing as a sony reader, except it only takes Amazon E-books)...She went and called her husband and the two of them conspired to buy me something amazing.

I am so grateful and am still having a little bit of trouble accepting this. I am not one who regularly shows my emotions. I don't like to cry in front of others, but I cried when I called her to thank her, and I'm beginning to get that lump in my throat again just writing about this.

Thank you again...

Now -- just a list of some of the other things that I'm grateful for:

- 2 assignments handed in to that hard*** teacher...both got an A!

- kind words from good friends

- my thoughtful husband

- my wonderful children


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

That's great but I'm trying to figure out two things..is it for your daycare kids or you or both and how could she buy something so expensive for someone she only talks to at the door. Not that its not great just seems odd..kwim? Most people are not that generous, lol but who am I to look a gifthorse in the mouth?

Hethr said...

C - this gift is for me, though I could download children's books too it, I would be scared of them breaking it.

As for her generosity - 100% genuine. The note attached told me how her and her husband appreciate me -- This is a woman I wouldn't second guess the intention of the gift. In her words "I don't give gifts just because I should (like at Christmas), I give them because I choose to give them."

I am very blessed to have such a person in my life.

C said...

Masha Allah.

Chantilly said...

C...it isn't just that we talk at the door...it is that she is a large part in making my son the amazing little boy he is growing up to be because she is a fantastic person. The gift is genuine ... well until I make her bake me her coffee cookies that is...haha...kidding Heather.
And I love her very much. I try to emulate her in many ways.

C said...

My goodness Heather if you are this great we really have to meet! Hurry up and come to Ontario! YOu must be great if you run a daycare. People always ask me why I don't babysit..man I'm up to my neck already with 10 kids and when I'm done I have no dreams of having a daycare. You have a big heart to do that.

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