Feb 25, 2010

Food Challenge, day 2 = FAIL

Last night's supper was a fail.

A Major Fail.

A Giant Fail.

An Epic Fail.

No -- I did not cook something and it was horrible and disgusting. Instead, I chose to dig out a frozen pizza. Yup...I'm that pathetic classy.
So -- there's a picture of what my supper looked like. A soy peperoni/cheese pizza (this pic is from a google search and NOT my pizza, but you get the point.

And this is why:


C said...

Bad time for a challenge then. I timed this to avoid that.

Hethr said...

lol. Maybe I can switch my challenge to ice cream sundaes or something.

C said...

lol The PMS chocolate dessert challenge. I think lots of women would sign up!

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