Feb 14, 2010

More witty words....

So -- my funny daycare kids have been at it again. This was the lovely host of hilarity that I received this week:

1. Child: "Heather, why don't we ever eat boy sandwiches??"
Me: "what do you mean"
Child: "Well, you only ever make girl cheese sandwiches. When can we eat boy cheese ones??"
(we were eating grilled cheese!!)

2. Child: "When can we eat the Kaiwanese food?"
me: "What?? Do you mean Chinese, I don't have any Chinese food."
Child: "No, I mean Kai-wa-nese." (said really slow so I'll understand)
Me: "Taiwanese?? No honey, I don't have any...."
Child: "No! I mean those things that are all green inside and have lots of seeds...Kaiwanese!!"
Me: "Oh!! You mean kiwis!!"

3. Child: "What's it like to be so old?"

4. Child: "when I grow up, I want to be just like you!"
Me: "Really?? That's so nice of you to say!"
Child: "yeah, except I don't want a squishy tummy like that..." as she prods my flab.


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