Feb 26, 2010

A break

So - I've decided that I need to take a one day break from The Shred.

This does not mean that I won't be exercising...oh no. I plan on doing a little yoga with the kids today -- and I have a Latin dance/cardio thing that is still in the shrink wrap...I think they'll really enjoy that. Maybe...just maybe, I'll even take some pictures.

Oh...and that stinkin' food challenge...once again was not for me. I forgot that last night was pay-night. I had to run out of my house the moment the last kid left, drive to the other end of the stinkin' city (in rush hour traffic, mind you) get my cheque and drive back. We stopped at Tim's for supper. Tomato soup with whole wheat pasta...yum (my supper), a bagel with cream cheese (Iman's), an Egg salad sandwich (Isaac's)...and Adam ate a doughnut. Yes, that's right, I said that Adam ate a doughnut for supper. Ooooohhh...I'm so horrible.


C said...

Holy you are worse than me...lol..no one is worse than me ever! I admit dh beat me to cooking the rice though because I was running around getting extra brocolli and cheese but turns out I had enough cheese. Had to stop at the library to get even more books too. Today insha Allah you will do better right? Knock our socks off right? Come on!

Hethr said...

Hey -- I left my house at 530 -- and didn't get back to my side of the city until 7...would you cook a meal at 7???

And...my kids yesterday...mine as well as all the daycare ones were PSYCHO! It was all I could do to prevent little murderers from running around here! Usually, I'm able to start cooking with them here...not yesterday...(I know, excuses, excuses!)

C said...

lol I started at 8....shhhhh

Hethr said...

You STARTED supper at 8!!! Yikes! I need my sanity. My kids are fed, bathed, and in BED by then!

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