Feb 22, 2010

The Shred - Day 5

Hurray for success!

Today, I did the video and I didn't want to kill Jillian! No, I didn't make it through the first set of Cardio (had to take the last bit off to catch my breath). I was able to do the first set of push-ups (but not the second -- though I tried!). I was able to finish the rest of the video without wimping out.


I was also happy to notice that I no longer ache and hurt everywhere. Oh believe me, I still feel it, but it's not painful anymore.

I wrote down my weight/measurements last week, and I'm interested to see if any of this has caused a change in them. I certainly feel better about myself. I get up, I sweat and strain through that 20 minutes, and I feel as though I've accomplished something. I am at once proud, strong, humbled and happy.

That's all for now - it's time to wake up my kids!


Kylie's Mom said...

OK, I have to get this video now. I've been meaning to pick it up, but I keep forgetting...but maybe that's subconscious lol.

Hethr said...

be prepared to work your butt off!

Erin said...

Oh Heather! I just caught up on the past 5 days of your torture sessions and sadly have to admit I luaghed my butt off at your sarcasm ;) LOL But, yes, it is an intense workout! I dread the day I go back to it actually after a few weeks off!

Chantilly said...

Ok I am on day one as a tribute to your drive and you give me inspiration.

Hethr said...

Yay! I'm going to start a revolution!! Think Jillian will give me a cut??

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