Feb 23, 2010

Eye twitch! Eye twitch!!!

I'm at T-45 minutes to closing time and it's all out toddler war fare here! Somebody bought my son a stupid Mickey Mouse phone. I thought I threw the thing away, but through some miraculous act, it was found. Day care boy had the audacity to touch it. Adam throws an absolute fit resulting in daycare boy throwing one too.

I take the phone away, thinking it will solve the problem. Silly me, I didn't realize that it would make them gang up on me. Now that they have joined forces, they are both screaming, crying and thrashing about on the floor...in near unison I might add. Who choreographed this routine??

Send help...quick!


Chantilly said...

The end of a perfect tantrum would for them to stuff your nose with Potato Head Pieces.

BBBoris said...

I would like to apologize on behalf od day care boy...

Hethr said...

BBBoris -- no need to apologize, they are temper tantrum throwing toddlers. I don't expect perfection from them (yet). ;o)

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