Feb 25, 2010

The Shred - Day 8


Why is it that I'm 8 days into this thing and I feel like I'm falling backwards? Why can't I make it through that first cardio spot? Why does that wench woman on the right laugh at my attempts? Why does the devil worshiper trainer on the left mock me? She makes those exercises look easy. She's friggen smiling through them all. WTF?

I hurt today, and I'm more than a little disappointed in myself. I couldn't do all of the static lunges...why?? I've been doing fine until today! Now, suddenly I can't do them? What's with that?? I'm dying here. My new found faith is gone. Zip. Whoosh. It was my cocky post the other day that did it, I'm sure...I'm being cursed for saying that it was easy.

I want to give up, people. I really do. What's stopping me? YOU. Yes, all of you who are reading this. If I give up now, I'm a failure to all of you whom I know, and those I don't. A big, epic failure.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

You can get over this hump. (so glad my challenge is only 7 days). Have you tried other types of stretches or going for a walk? Maybe you need to vary your routine.

Orme Family said...

Heather - YOU CAN DO THIS.... but I thing 'C' is onto something... take a break for a day with another activity.

So, once again inspired by you, yet another of your friends is joining you in this challenge. I bought the DVD this last weekend. My failure however, is that it is still sitting in the HMV bag on the stairs in the front hall.

Hethr said...

Okay, Yvonne -- I'm going to start holding YOU accountable now!! Get it out and get it done (and then curse me).

Oh -- and be sure you have some Epsom salt in your house...you WILL need it.

Tina said...

Take a days break Heather, but be sure to start back. You have to give yourself one day of a week to let your body become used to what you are doing. I know that you can do it as do all your other friends, family and readers out there! love you girl!

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