Feb 21, 2010

The Shred - Day 4

I took a hot bath with some Epsom salts yesterday. I don't think I've ever had a bath in the middle of the day before, but it was either have a bath or have every muscle seize up on me. I chose the bath. Happily, I felt much better after wards.

This morning's shred -- Ouch again.

Today I was able to do more of the push-ups, but not all. Also - since I don't have weights, I've bee using some of my daycare toys. A fisher price truck and a little toy radio were the only things that I could find that were roughly the same weight. Today, I grabbed a brain and used some cans of kidney beans.

I'm just so sore. I'd like to be able to have the stamina to complete a 2 minute cardio circuit. :(

I want there to be a change, and I wish it was as simple as coming on here and announcing that I can suddenly see abs or that my ass no longer resembles a bowl of jello. I know I'll get toned eventually, but for now -- yikes, I'm losing faith. I need a kick in the behind to stay motivated, and right now staying accountable to you, my readers, and to the group of ladies is pretty much the only thing.

I need to shower, before I seize up again.


Chantilly said...

I am right behind you Heather! I will stick with it if you do. I have been doing my 30 Yoga challenge too so I may have to call you and get Moe to come pick up Owie in the next day or two after I start my Jillian DVD

Hethr said...

Chantal -- I went shopping today...seriously to look for a great pair of heels. I didn't find one :( Well -- I did, but they were $195 and my budget was MUCH less than that.

I need a shopping pal who knows where to find wicked shoes.

Anonymous said...

You can do it Heather..........you sound committed and are off to a great start!! But, like you said, it's GOOD pain!

Just don't hurt yourself!!!

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