Feb 27, 2010

Food Challenge Days 4 & 5

So, I'm slacking in the posts -- give me a break here, I've got a lot going on!!

I didn't post yesterday's supper because I was too busy laying on the couch in a completely lethargic state spending time with family after our delicious meal.

I made (don't faint now) homemade mac and cheese with some taco-flavoured beef and some peas for colour. YUM. We were so hungry that I didn't take a picture of it until after we'd eaten! It was so good -- all crusty and yummy on the top and all gooey and delicious on the inside. Fan-fricken-tastic!

I also made a dessert -- apple crisp, using apples that I'd peeled and cut from the trees in my back yard. Yum! You'll also notice that this was so delicious that we ate before taking the picture too.

For today's supper we had a BBQ in the oven chicken, some mashed potatoes that could end wars they were so good and peas. I didn't take a picture of the peas because...well...they were just peas! Chicken was simply stored in a ziplock bag with some BBQ sauce and frozen, so I pulled it out, thawed it, dumped it in the pan and cooked it (convection)...delish!

Then the potatoes...I'm telling you amazing. Normal mashed potatoes, added some green onion, fresh parsley, a couple table spoons of sour cream and 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese...stir it all up, sprinkle some paprika on it and bake it in the oven till it's got a crusty top. These were so good that even Iman ate them (the child who won't touch potatoes with a 10 ft pole!)

We had left-over apple crisp for dessert tonight too.


Hethr said...

Wow -- that went a little wonky -- but you get the idea!

Tina said...

YUMMY!!! I just ordered a whole bunch of Epicure and can not wait to get my kitchen back from reno's so that I can start cooking again!!!YOU are such an inspiration Heather!

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