Feb 23, 2010

A new challenge

My online friend Old Muslim Woman has created a challenge. And, if you know me, then you know that I'm hard pressed to turn down a challenge.

Her's is relatively simple for most. She wants us to cook supper every night for a week and blog about it. Ugh. I hate cooking. Like hate, hate, hate cooking. I do it cause if I don't my family would starve.

So -- I've decided to take up this challenge, with a twist. I will not be making those "easy" suppers. No shake'n bake, no Side Kicks, no frozen dinners. Nope, I will actually MAKE and hopefully take pictures of my meals. Not only will this help me with this challenge, but it will help me with my new healthy lifestyle that I'm attempting.

Wish me luck...and send lots and lots of prayers. I'll need all the help I can get!


C said...

Love the picture!

Chantilly said...

I am game to join you in this adventure. It will also help my healthy lifestyle and also help me figure out my darn new camera before Disneyland

Anna said...

I have to admit. I'm confused. What were you doing for supper otherwise?

Hethr said...

Crappy easy stuff like Side Kicks, Pasta with sauce and other junk.

This is actual "MAKING" food.

Tonight, I think i"m making a macaroni casserole (with meat and veggies and sauce that I've made instead of from a package) as opposed to kraft dinner

Anna said...

So, a lot of pre-packaged stuff, then? I think I get it now. Thanks. :-)

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