Feb 22, 2010

This Week's Gratitudes

Once again, another gratitude post...I'm just going to list a whole bunch.

I am grateful for:

  • a clean home (looks so nice, but never lasts long!)

  • healthy kids

  • warmer weather

  • my stubbornness that won't allow me to give up, even when I'm in pain from exercising!

  • A new, healthy lifestyle

  • visits with old daycare families

  • cuddles and purrs

  • Ligita at Spasation in Londonderry Mall

  • finishing a tough assignment

  • enough humor to get me through said assignment without killing myself in frustration

  • of course - my Sony eReader

  • fantastic friends

  • fantastic opportunities for said friends

  • an upcoming, much deserved Spa Party

  • good school and teachers for my kids

  • donations to grateful families

  • online dictionary/thesaurus

  • children that have inherited my same wit/sarcasm

  • a wicked vacuum that sucks and didn't cost me $1000 (sorry Carolyn!)

  • ambition

  • night time snuggles with Adam even if he should be in his own bed

  • the smell of fresh brewed coffee


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