Dec 10, 2010

what the heck are you guys thinking & more unhappy moms

I know I can come up with some weird stuff, but the things that people Google and manage to come to my blog are really interesting.  It makes me wonder what they were really searching for, or why Google's ability to find the relevant information brings them to my blog.

Here's a few of the best:

  1. Green Eyed Jealousy monster creates doom
  2. sick dentist
  3. stop sending your kids to my house
  4. random things I did
  5. Life with a woman is unhappy except for a few moments of joy

I particularly like the last one!

I wonder what they think when they find me.

But by far, the most Googled phrases that bring readers to my blog have to do with Unhappy Moms.  I wrote about this before, and due to overwhelming response, felt that it needed a second and even a third post.  So, I'm writing this now in hopes that those of us who have gone or are going through those struggles that our babies/toddlers/children/teens/grown children give us, to give some hope to those who are in the midst of what can seem impossible to get through. I'll start here, and you, my dear readers, can add yours in the comments box or on the fanpage if you wish.

My kids make me:
...want to scream sometimes - like yesterday when my toddler dumped my hot chocolate all over my keyboard and homework.
...want to give up, like the time that he dumped the can of paint all over my floor.
...want to leave, like through the many, many struggles with the teen.
...want to lock myself in a castle far, far away when I can't even get a moment to myself and my husband sits there and magically can't hear anything that's going on (and is apparently invisible to my kids, because they never seem to need him for anything!)

Raising kids is hard...and the truth is, we learn as we go.  We are in the middle of growing and developing our own systems and organizations when BAM, this kid comes along and throws a wrench into all your changes forever, and sometimes it can be really, really daunting.  But there's hope and there's help.  Sometimes just knowing that other people are struggling too is enough to get me through the day.

Oh, and Sue, since I know you're going to comment on how I'm supposed to write fluffy happy stories about the cherub babies and happy mothers pushing their buggies down parkways untainted by cigarette butts and/or can easily find it someplace else.  Being a mom rocks - and when your little bundle finally arrives, I think you're going to be an AWESOME mom, but I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't prepare you for less than rainbows and butterflies every day.


Erin said...

Makes me feel so much better to know other Mom's feel like I do.....I can especially relate to...well, all of it.

Monica said...

i absolutely love this blog! i so feel like you more times than much as i love my kids, its soooooooo hard sometimes, and i fail alot..i know. knowing someone else is going through the same things is very much a help, weirdly. thank you for your writings and your rants. i need to hear things like this to know i am not the only one..and i do feel like i am alot. thanks again.

Amena said...

LOL@ the 5th Googled phrase. Um, yes, it's tough when my big bundle of joy:
1) bangs my NEW iPhone on the table. Repeatedly. Until its top becomes loose.
2) Switches off the mains to my computer, right when I'm about to make a bill payment, leaving me in a lurch, wondering whether I should make the payment again, wait until it comes up on my statement or just bang my head against a wall
3) Wrecks my new shredder. Don't touch the shredder - its the one thing I have that manages to clear my paperwork!
4) Headbutts my nose in his sleep


Despite the moments of sheer helplessness and apathy, I think most of us eventually look back, laugh, and just get on with things. I like the phrase: just get on with it. Oh, and also: make SOME time for YOU.

It's tough, but, strangely enough, I don't think motherhood would be what it is in all its joys if it weren't for the hard times.

Hethr said...

@ Erin - funny that we each rely on each other's daily struggle with the kids to get through our own!

@ Monica - glad you found me!

@ Amena -hate the sleeping head butts - forgot about that!

I also agree with your last statement - and I think that the same can be said for ANY aspect of life - you can't have a rainbow without a little rain...

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

#5 is what your dh googled right? rofl.

I never grew up thinking motherhood was a joy because my mom told us everyday how much she hated being one. I grew up never wanting kids yet I have 10 and people keep saying ' you must really love kids' and 'you must be really patient'...yeah right! Most people have a support system..I've got none. How do I cope? I delegate, run away (ah lovely cake decorating course, book club etc) and I whine on my blog..sort of. Most of all I take my problems to God cuz otherwise I would have gone off the deep end a long time ago.

NanLT said...

We won't comment on the time my youngest stood up in a chair and peed all over his daddy's computer keyboard.

But daddy's brother found it absolutely hilarious when I told him.

Sumayyah said...

I haven't found your blog looking for 'unhappy moms', in fact I am not a mum yet or even close to that, but not so long ago I babysitted my friend's two toddlers and after just 1 hour I was totally exhausted. I had no idea that children are so demanding! I love your blog, it's so brilliantly funny and really opened my eyes on many things, esp. motherhood-related.Keep up the good work:)

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