Dec 12, 2010

Back to the Shred

So, I just finished writing about the big epiphany that I'd had. I'm starting with exercise.  I felt good when I was exercising...I felt better about myself, my body, my confidence was better - I just felt good.  Then, for some reason I stopped.  I couldn't tell you why, but I did.  But, I need to get back to it.  I'm tired of seeing myself in my head as I think I am, only to look in the mirror and see a stranger staring back at me.  I'm tired of being tired, out of breath, and lazy.

So, today I did the first day of The Shred.  It was as tough as I rememered it.  And I certainly wasn't foolish enough to think that I could jump back into level 3 again, but I did think that I'd be able to make it through level one.  I was wrong.
I also forgot that I basically pee my pants when I have to do 50 000 jumping jacks.  No amount of kegals has been able to stop this....and how I could forget, I'll never know, but I did. 

Last time, I inspired a few of you to begin doing this with me.  So, if any of my lovely readers want's to join in again, I'm going to let you know what I did as well as what I didn't (cause I don't want you all thinking I'm an iron woman here or anything!)

In Level One, she starts you off with the warm up - which is relatively easy.  Did it all.
Then you have to do the jumping jacks/skip rope deal.  I did NOT make it through all of this. I have no endurance.
Push ups.  I have ZERO upper body strength.  I think I managed to do 6 of them.  Woot.
Lunges - I couldn't get through the second round of this.
Sit ups...I did.  I cried, but I did them.
Butt kicks/boxing -- I did this too and I imagine that I'm punchin Jillian with every strike.  I hope she doesn't mind. would seem that i've blocked the rest from my mind.  What i do know is that I literally cried.  Then made my wobbly way up 16 stairs to my shower.  But I'm not going to give up...I plan on doing 3 days of The Shred followed by one day of her Yoga Meltdown (and if you think Yoga is easy, you won't after you try this!)  After the month is through, I  may move up to her newest Shred video, have you heard of it?  My girlfriend gives it rave reviews - says she has found muscles that she didn't know she even had (and her calves are looking HAWT!)...I'm planning on buying it...and here's the link in case you want to check it out (just to the right there).


Anonymous said...

I just bought the video after reading your post...I want to see if it works out better than the gym..especially in the cold when I feel lazy to get out of the house..I need to tone up..hopefully will get started as soon as it arrives...
do we need a skipping rope and any other things??

Hethr said...

Congrats -- now you just need the motivation to do it (because it's very easy to say "I'll do it later")...I know, because I've done it!

Anyhow - the only thing you'll need is a good pair of shoes and some weights. I'd suggest 2lb weights to start, it doesn't seem like much, but by the end of the video, it sure feels like more than two pounds!'ll also need a yoga/floor mat (for sit ups) if you've got a hard floor.

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