Dec 1, 2010


We haven't had any Daycarisms in a while - these children are such a rich source of humor and delight, I need to keep better track of what they say! Anyhoo - onto the daycarisms that I've experienced lately.

Child: Did you brush your teeth today?
Me: Yes, why?
Child: Cause your breath is nasty. It smells like my mom's coffee cup.
Me: Uh....thanks for letting me know.

Me: Hey, Isaac, would you get out the Uncle Ben's for me?  I want to make supper.
Toddler: Yeah! Uncle Ben is coming for supper!!!

My toddler has been the most "interesting" lately.  He's certainly developing an attitude -- don't know where he'd get that from.  Apparently he doesn't like to be told what to do:
Me: Adam, can you come pick up the Lego?
Adam:  Shhhh!
Me:  Hey...I asked you to come pick this up...
Adam: *furrows his brows* Hush!!
Me: Excuse me?  Come over here and help to clean this up.
Adam: *exasperated sigh accompanied by an eye roll* Fine, whatever.

After giving away a couch set that we were using in my main daycare room to a loving and deserving family, the kids come in on the following Monday and I get this:
School-ager: gonna fill it up with toys?
Preschooler:  It's like a giant surprise of nothing!!
Toddler: Why mommy? Why it all gone, mommy Hedr?

But the best of the week was this:
Preschooler:  Hey, anything stronger than this milk?


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Its like a giant surprise of nothing....I think your attitude is rubbing off on everybody! Something stronger than milk..I guess you can offer your nasty coffee! Ah these are priceless.

Hethr said...

lol -- she was really excited about it. Like a kid on Christmas morning or something, it was hilarious!

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