Dec 6, 2010

For Today...

My friend Magz, does these amazingly deep and thoughtful postings out of nothing.  They are titled "For Today" and they always have some touch of whimsical wisdom that I can never seem to achieve.  So -- I'm doing the "For Today" series, the Delusional Mom way.  Something to keep in mind though - it's Monday, it's been very much a Monday so far. My son woke up, came to snuggle with me, promptly said, "My tummy doesn't feel good." then proceeded to vomit all over me.  Twice. My chosen toddler gave me the play by play the whole time.  It was....nice....

Anyhow -- onto my list:

For today...

Outside my window .... freedom, fresh air, and cold wind.

I am thankful for...the laundry that I did this weekend, it came in useful after being puked on twice in the space of 3 hours.

I am also thankful for...perfume, which I hope is doing a decent job of covering the lingering stench of vomit that I won't be able to wash off until Husband comes home.

I am thinking....why me?

I am creating...a supper miracle out of nothing but noodles, mayonnaise and inspiration.  Pray for me.

I am celebrating....that the last vomit session was in the toilet and not on me.

From the kitchen....come the scents of lunches that have been abandoned in favor of watching my toddler yack.

I am wearing...the third shirt of the day...and a sweater that I'm convinced got puke on it, but I can't find any evidence of.  All other sweaters are dirty.  My trusty jeans haven't let me down (or been puked on yet) and a pair of slippers from a fabulous instructor.

I am reading....nothing I want to.  Working with FamiliesFamily Ties That Bind & Administering for Quality.  Jealous yet?  What I'd like to be reading....ANYTHING ELSE.

I am hoping...that I am able to recall of the necessary information for my exam on Saturday.  First step - to figure out what class it's for...second step - study.

I am hearing...the squeak of my office chair and the snoring of a child with a stuffed up nose.

I am going....crazy.

Around the house and yard...everything's pretty much done - except for the laundry from today's puke fest.

One of my favourite little guy's hugs.  My other two are "too big" for these things now.

Plans for the rest of the week...Survive.


Erin said...

Ewwwww..........I hate puke. Sending many good thoughts your way, willing the Puke Monster to vacate the premises.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the upcoming exams!

Sue said...

For today, I hate your posts, but I'm drawn to them.

For today, I need to know that children are angels and cotton candy and arrive on unicorns and will never, ever, ever, puke on me. Gross. But funny. Which is why I am drawn to your reality, which I will soon share.

Family ties that bind - I loved it. I was able to realize that the dysfunction that is call the Sinclair family is normal.... ish.

For today, I will believe that you are lying. Although tomorrow I may call for advice. (by tomorrow I mean 6 months and 19 days ish.)


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