Jun 14, 2009

You're So Vain...

Yup, that's right. You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about You. Well, sweetie, it isn't. After all of You're lies and deceit, after all of the manipulating and denial...I'm not taking any more. I know that You think that I was blind to it all. Fact is, I wasn't. I thought that maybe, just maybe if I gave you a chance, you'd see the wrong that You were doing and the hurt that You were causing, but it seems that You, in fact, are the one who is blind.

Yup, that's right, You are still wandering around looking for another person to blame. Can't you see the bridges that You've burned? It so saddens me that You are unable, or more likely unwilling, to change the path that You are on.

The reason that I'm so worried, is because I've been there myself. I've walked that precarious slope that You are clinging to. I've been too stubborn to admit defeat and ask for help. I've been too stubborn to admit that I was wrong an apologize. Eventually, I turned myself around, but at what cost?? Certainly a lot more than I care to think about. There are years gone that I'll never get back.

And now, it seems that You are teetering on this same dark fate. Sad fact is that You have hurt me and broken my trust too many times for me to forgive. It looks like I must let you walk out on Your own, watch you face the demons that I know are lingering in the shadows (or sometimes not, sometimes they are disguised as beacons of hope) and hope that eventually, You will come back to your senses and realize what You've done.

Until then, I wish You the best and truly hope that Your journey is one that You will survive. I know that you will be wounded, but I pray that You will be able to come back to reality, likely scarred, but at least here.


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