May 28, 2010

The battery saga continues...

So -- if you didn't read it, my son ate a battery.  That's right...he ate a battery.  You can read the story behind this whole thing here, but I will go on with the current situation.

We are now almost 1 week to the hour (in a few hours) of "the incident" and there is still no sign of this stinkin' thing (no pun intended).  I have been searching poopy diapers for what seems like an eternity.

Perhaps I've missed it.  Perhaps that silly button battery (which was the size of a tablet of asprin) made it's way out the back door incognito.  Who knows?  The only way to find out for sure is to do another xray (or ultrasound).

The saddest part of this whole thing??  My little guy is slightly lactose intolerant...too much milk will give him the runs.  So, as a wonderful mother, what have I been doing?  Giving him milk to drink, yogurt for a snack and cereal for breakfasts....every day.  Do you know what lactose intolerant poops smell like??  *shudder*  This is some scary stuff...I deserve a medal for it...but have I gotten it yet?? Nope, the little award has either decided to camp out in his intestines for a bit, or has sneakily made it past my best efforts to spot him.  Damn 007 battery!

Anyhow -- the phone rang today (during nap time...eye twitch!!) -- and who was it??  The Poison Control Center...calling to see if I've spotted it!  I tell them (and even admitted to the extra milk thing) -- he laughs and says, "yeah, well...batteries have been known to take as long as 14 days to pass"

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. --- fourteen days?!?!

How is that even possible?  How can someone have something in their intestines for that long without it moving along with the rest of the...uh...stuff???  This kid has been having 2 movements a day, and I'm supposed to wait until day 14??  Insane!

Anyhow -- that's it for now.  Should it show...I'll let you all know (cause I know you're all as anxious as I am!)


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Well patience is a virtue eh (ducks and runs). I'd be freaking out too. Insha Allah you find it soon. Poor kid. My oldest had lactose intolerance too. I hope your son is not throwing up though.

Hethr said...

Nope...just out the other end.

erika said...

I hope it passes soon - 14 days seems ridiculously long. Moms deserve big giant medals!!

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